Pavillion, Wyoming

The Project
Near the end of 2015, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) released the results of its investigation into whether fracking played a role in groundwater pollution around the town of Pavillion, Wyo. The agency then used SmartComment’s digital platform to help gather comments from the public related to the study’s findings.

What We Did

  • Launched an Internet portal linked to the Wyoming DEQ website that accepted electronic comments from the public, agencies, and other parties related to the investigation.
  • Created a customized comment database for DEQ staff to organize and manage comments.
  • Made use of SmartComment’s digital analysis tools to provide a thorough understanding of public sentiment about the investigation to DEQ officials.
  • Provided our SmartBracket™ tool to help agency staff break submissions into individual comments and assign a topic to them.
  • Permanently stored all comment data and attachments so that it remained with agency leaders

The Results
Using SmartComment’s platform, the Wyoming DEQ received dozens of comment submissions over a 90-day comment period related to the investigation, including electronic submissionsvia the website, agency letters, and written comments. Maximizing both accessibility and transparency throughout the comment period, the agency was able to consider its next steps in the process possessing the full scope of public opinion regarding the process.

What The Client Said
“SmartComment provides a tool for Wyoming DEQ that not only makes it easier for the public to comment, but also helps our staff better manage and respond to public comments.”
Keith Guille, Public Information Officer, Wyoming DEQ